“I am sometimes a fox, sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government consists in knowing when to be one and when to be the other.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

My name is Ari Ne’eman. I am a disability rights activist, policy wonk and recovering political appointee.

From 2006 to 2016, I ran the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing and defending the Autistic community and its interests. From 2010 to September 2015, I served as one of President Obama’s appointees to the National Council on Disability. Occasionally, I have served in advisory roles to the US Department of Labor, the US Department of Health and Human Services and some state governments on disability policy. Even more occasionally, they have taken my advice.

More recently, I have co-founded a new technology platform called MySupport, designed to assist people with disabilities, support workers and service-provision agencies to manage their relationship with each other in new, more self-determined ways. Since launching the platform, I’ve deepened my appreciation for the difficult work of progressive disability service-provision. I have a particular affinity for those running progressive developmental disability services or self-directed programs for any population.

I also consult with a variety of civil rights groups, disability advocacy organizations, service-providers and other entities in the disability policy, advocacy, and service-provision ecosystems. I use this blog to share thoughts I have, mostly about disability policy and occasionally on other topics that catch my interest.

This blog is a place for me to write about things or in ways that I don’t get a chance to do in my professional life. It is purely personal in nature and the thoughts, opinions and other content I write here should not be imputed to my current, past or future employers or any other entity to which I have an affiliation.